I ll love you in return by kh wolf-d3ehm6e

opal is a scrafty was caught by a little boy a trainer opal was given her name one time when they fought a trainer a lillegent the traner told opal to use return opal wanted her trainer to be proud of her so she kept attacking and attacking intil...she drew blood and the lillegent was hurt bad. lillegent was dying the same thing happend with alder volcarona. opal cut it in half alder was mad at the boy. alder kicked and puched the boy opal wated to help him she killed alder. the boy and opal were in trouble. the boy had a feeling that they cant keep hiding but they found them opal crpet thinking to herself; "i have to be strong"

opal is shown to have superhuman Strength far beyoned a normal pokemon.

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