RED (also known as Red or Shadow of Red) is a demonic creature, residing in a haunted copy of Godzilla: Monster of Monsters. First appearing in the NES Godzilla Creepypasta, RED normally is shown as a creature with a human-like head, three-clawed arms, four spider-like legs, and a tail with a stinger. RED also has three other forms: a swimming one (looking like a fish, but still having the arms and face), a flying one (looking like a dragon, but still with the human-like face), and a massive dinosaur like final form (in this for RED has four arms, two dinosaur-like legs, a long neck and tail, and keeps the human-like face).In all these forms, RED's color is obviously red. He is also usually shown with black eyes, a demented frown or raging face, and is one of the most powerful Creepypastas out there. He may actually be the most powerful video game pasta ever.

RED has many weapons. Claws, tail, even his legs can be used as a weapon. He can open his mouth and shoot out an intestine jaw, tipped with fangs. He also can breath Soulfire. In his final form, he can shoot needles and flames.After his death, the fragments of him have spread, and can reform into physical beings. But only one RED is the true RED.

RED first appeared in Pathos, chasing Godzilla in his "Run" levels. He later appeared in all the other worlds in the game, and later reveals he killed Zach's (the protagonist of the NES Godzilla Creepypasta) girlfriend Melissa. He is also show to be a rival of Solomon, a bat like blue demon. He nearly killed Zach, and parlayzed him to his seat until Zach beat him. It is not confirmed RED is dead, because he may be an actual "part" of the game.

RED will appear in Sunstone Games' upcoming series, Colossal Kaiju Combat (taking the name Shadow of Red), along with his rival Solomon. They will be the only Creepypastas to be in an actual official game( PN Mickey has a game but that game is technically a FNAF spoof), along with Slenderman (Slender).

It is also shown that RED may be a rival of Ben. RED is also a rival of many other video game creepypastas. He is more powerful than most of the others though. If you encounter a fragment of him, you will probably die. It was only with the help of Melissa that Zach beat him.