"The girl slowly smiled as she spoke, 'Play with me'." - A sentence from the story, Play With Me.

Sally is a young child sexually aasaulted and then murdered by her uncle. She is a spirit with a physical form who murders both children and adults.

Crazy sally by kiki hyuga-d5pp52q

Appearance Edit

Sally has bright green eyes, long curly brown hair, and fair skin. In the story, she is described wearing a dirty white nightgown splattered with mud and stained with blood. A clot of blood is said to be on the side of her head, as well as

Older sally by kiki hyuga-d5j8iu4

blood dripping down her face and eyes like tears.

Story Edit

Sally Williams was a young girl who almost never fussed or cried. She was kind and polite, the perfect daughter for Marie and Frank Williams. One summer, her Uncle Johnny visited her family after parting ways with his wife or girlfriend. When night falls, he tells Sally's mother he would be willing to tuck her in. After getting an OK from the mother, Johnny follows the girl to her room and helps Sally dress, with her parents unaware. Though she tells him she's fully capable of dressing herself, he continues, saying that he would help her because she's tired. After being dressed and after a hug and kiss from her mother, her parents go to bed. Johnny then locks the door behind him and assaulted Sally, the girl saying a few days later that "He touched me, and made me touch him". Her parents write it off as "Just a dream. A bad one."

Soon, Johnny discovers that Sally had told her parents when he overhears a conversation between the couple and becomes outraged. He lies and says that he's taking Sally to go grocery shopping and takes the girl into a closed park. Alone in the empty park, he assaults her once again.

Sally was presumed missing and the investigation lasted a week until Sally's body was finally a recovered. The girl was long dead, soaked in blood.

Crazy sally by kiki hyuga-d5pp52q